Agility Ladder Guideline

The Agility ladder is not a conventional ladder in the true sense. It is basically a ladder used for workouts for fitness fanatics who are willing to get into shape without the help or use of any equipment. The best thing about this Agility ladder is the fact that almost anybody can use it for shedding extra fat.

The Agility ladder is the most indispensable instrument of this agility program. This ladder, in the general context, is about 10 yards long and the squares are about 18 inches. The main ingredient of this Agility ladder is basically tapes attached with sticks that the users would utilize while shaping up.

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This Agility ladder is not actually a ladder to start with but an effective but a mare tool of working out in this training program. According to the training program the basic Agility Ladder Benefits are quicker feet movements, more flexible hip movements, proper foot positioning, better economy in movement, co-ordination in movement, maintaining excellent physical balance and over all other factors the knowledge of various movement patterns.

One of the famous users of this Agility ladder is the MaxCondition Training Programs people. They are supposed to be the very best in this drill. Here are few such drills in their own words.

“One foot per square: Run through the ladder placing one foot in the middle of each square. Emphasize arm swing and powerful knee drive.

Lateral in and outs: Begin by standing sideways to the ladder. Moving in a lateral fashion to your right, step in the first square with the right foot. Next, step in with the left. Now, back out with the right and back out with the left. Repeat sequence throughout the ladder.”