Antique Lighting

Lighting is something that can make any occasion look even more beautiful and special whatever the eve may be Christmas or Thanksgiving. For those who want to give their home a different look can bank upon an appropriate lighting system. Giving an antique look requires some serious thought process.

The fixtures, lamps and sconces that you may want to use are based on examples from the 19th and 20th century. Some changes have to be made, however, to meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories. Quality is of utmost importance for everybody these days.

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Product categories:
Antique lighting can be done using lights of different categories as follows:
1. Medallions
2. Classical English style hall lightings
3. Classical English style lighting
4. Gas style fixtures
5. Electric style fixtures]
6. Kerosene fixtures
7. Crystal fixtures
8. Pendants- chain
9. Pendants- pole
10. Pendants- double
11. Flush mount fixtures
12. Table lamps
13. Exterior fixtures

Tips for selecting fixtures for your period home:
1. The first thing to do is to choose a time period. If, for example, your house was built in 1860, not all the fixtures in the house have to be from that year.
2. Size and length are an important consideration. Period fixtures were hung lower than fixtures are today, because each gaslight or early electric light only produced about 10 watts.
3. Dining rooms- it is frequently asked what the proper size and length is for a fixture in a dining room. Fixtures should be hung 30″ to 42″ off the top of the table, depending on the fixture and personal preference. Keep in mind that the lower a fixture is hung the larger it will appear. The fixture should be sized to the table, not the room; for a 60″ table, a fixture 24″ or 25″ wide is suitable. For a very large table, consider a fixture up to 30″ wide. If your table is 12″ long or longer, you may want to use two smaller fixtures. Avoid trying to light a large room with one fixture; using high wattage bulbs will not only ruin a period look but may also blind your dinner guests. Instead, use secondary lighting, such as wall sconces, or select a ceiling fixture with multiple arms.
The more authentic the lighting system is the better a look it gives to your house.