Compost Toilet

Compost toilet is a disposal system which is connected to a tank where human waste material is decomposed by aerobic bacteria and which, can be further used as compost. The main purpose of compost toilet is to destroy organisms that may lead to diseases and in the process, provide natural and organic fertilizers for the crops.

Types of compost toilets.

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There are various ways of constructing compost toilets. They can be manufactured or constructed. They can be self-contained where there is only one unit or they can be centralized where the toilet is connected to the compost system in some other area. Compost toilets can also be multi-chambered or single chambered. Compost toilets also vary in many other ways. For instance, some compost toilets have electricity, while others do not. Some are large, while others are small. All compost toilets however produce the same result. I.e., good quality humus. The components shared by many compost toilets include a compost reactor, exhaust system to reduce odor, System accommodating ventilation and drainage and lastly, an access door for removal of waste products.

Compost toilets –pros

Compost toilets have several advantages and serve important purposes. They convert human waste into organic manure for plants. They save a lot of water, thus they can be used in areas facing problems of water scarcity Traditional compost toilets do not require power, meaning, that they are less heavy on the pockets. They are also considered more hygienic as compared to the average toilets. Another important advantage is that the nutrients and the pathogens found in human waste do not pollute waterways.

Compost toilets –cons

Improperly compost human faeces are hazardous to human health. There is an ongoing controversy considering the health issues about using human faeces as manure for edible crops. Some may find the use of toilets without water as highly aversive. If proper ventilation and exhaust systems are not applied, then there can be other problems like bad odour. Removal of end products can also be a nasty job where, the system is not proper. Too much liquid can pose problem if not drained properly. Sometimes human excreta are in plain sight, which can be aesthetically disturbing

However, if properly constructed and managed, the advantages can overcome most of the problems.