Convection Oven Cooking – Prepare The Best Dishes

Technology is improving everyday. The greatest sign of this improvement can be seen in kitchen appliances specially the different types of ovens. Convection oven is one such wonderful creation. Convection oven cooking is very helpful because it cooks the food in half the time, in a much lower temperature than the conventional cooking ovens and provides the best dishes. Also the foodstuff stay moist and the nutrients are retained.

Convection Oven Cooking Secrets

The convection ovens have appliances much different than those of conventional standard ovens. Even the methods of baking, heating, broiling and re-thermalizing food in convection ovens are different from other ovens.

Following are the ways in which convection oven cooking can be done:

Convection oven circulates hot air with a fan – the convection oven has a fan that circulates the air throughout the open cavity of the oven. The hot air blowing tends to cook the food faster. Moving hot air speeds up the rate of heat transference. Thus the food is cooked evenly and in a short time.

The acceleration effect provides better cooking – the rush of heat with the chemical reactions cooks the food better. The butter from the croissant releases the steam fast creating flaky layers. The chicken skin renders its fat and become brown easily so the chicken remains tasty and juicy. Food is cooked with the interior remaining moist and the exterior becoming crisp and brown.

Convection Oven Cooking – Methods

Convection oven cooking is hard to beat for flavour, tenderness and appearance. The crusty exterior seals the juices inside, while retaining the look and taste of the food.

Following are some of the methods of convention oven cooking:
Convection oven recipes – you should heat the oven to 25°F lower than the recipe demands. The food will also be cooked in 25% less time than other conventional ovens. Check for the cooked food 15 minutes earlier than the recipe demands.

Roast meat by convection – you should place the meat in the oven rack and place a drip pan on the lowest rack. The hot circulating air will help the exterior of the meat to become brown and lock the juices inside. The meat will drip less and will be cooked much better than the conventional ovens.

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Cook baked food with convection oven – the convection oven dries the outside of the food and creates a thicker crust on the top of the baked food. Convection oven is, therefore, very useful for breads and pies. However cakes and other desserts can also be baked perfectly in a convection oven.

Choosing the pans – no special pans are required except simple baking sheets and roasting pans with low sides, which will make the food brown outside and soft inside.

Convection oven cooking thus produces tasty and flavored dishes, with the food remaining crusty outside but soft and tender inside. The dishes will attract your family and friends, repeatedly to your home.