Dog Containment Fence

Little Toby had no clue why every day he was huddled off to this frightening looking woman down the road. Whine as he might, no one would listen to him.

One day he decided he had enough. That’s when the Clark’s realized something was terribly wrong. Little Toby definitely did not like the place he was shunted off too.

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The Clarks had got Toby when he was barely three months old. Now, all of two years, he was resistant to change. He didn’t want to be left in someone else’s house. The Clarks knew they had a problem. Earlier Martha Clark was home and could tend for Toby, but now she had a very exciting job and she didn’t want Toby to suffer either.

Rita Clancy, a neighbor, came to their rescue. She told them about dog containment fences.

What are dog containment fences?

As the name suggest dog containment fences are fences where you can keep your dogs safely, while you are away. And history is witness to the fact that dogs not just live, but come to love their little fences. Aggressive dogs that are hard to train are also recommended dog containment fences.

Containment Laws

Luckily for the Clarks, Toby is not a dog used to creating a nuisance. But there are dogs out there that disrupt the normal lives of people living around. This could be especially difficult for the owner, what with most states having their own containment laws or leash laws. Not only are they liable of a citation but also for damage which the dog may have caused outside the owner’s home.

Tips for Safety

Keep the following aspects in mind before choosing a dog containment fence for your dog:
1) You need to know the weight of your dog.
2) You would need to know the specific height, width and accordingly mark the dimensions.
3) You need to keep in mind the aggression levels of your dog. If your dog is more aggressive, get a fence with high walls and sturdy floorings around the edges.
4) Check where you’d want to keep the containment fence. Ideally, people have the fence in their backyards.
5) Keep the fence away from your clothesline or the pretty bougainvillea.
6) Check the wiring of the containment fence for safety. Your dog is likely to dig if it is in the backyard. Check that the wirings are away from that area.

Containment fences, if managed well, can be a great boon to all dog owners.