Dog Kennel Fence

Eight-year-old Rusty McClean was very worried. Every time he played ball in the backyard, he would end up hurting tiny Dufus. Dufus is a Dachshund. He keeps to himself most of the time. He loves to watch Rusty play ball. Of late though he’s noticed that Rusty’s aim has gotten a little better. And the target seems to him – Dufus!

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Rusty realizes that Dufus loves to see him play ball. So he takes the problem to his mother. She is quick enough to understand that probably Dufus needs a kennel fence.
She asks Rusty to find out about the types of kennel fences available and they could get one for Dufus.

Rusty’s Research

Rusty realizes that though a fence is a good idea it should not smother Dufus’ freedom nor give him a sense of being caged. Dufus has been used to freedom and may feel depressed at being caged! The difference, Rusty realized to not make him feel caged.

Types of Kennel Fences

A kennel fence could be made of a steel mesh with small rectangles or wide rectangles. Each could be used based on the space available, the kind of dog, and the behavior of the dog. Since Dufus is a small dog it would help if the mesh has wide rectangles.
For larger dogs, a steel mesh with smaller rectangles not just allows for visibility but also sturdy support.

Tips for Safety

Here are a few safety tips you should remember if you choose to put a kennel fence:
1) Rust can cause a lot of problem to not just the fence, your dog, but to you too. It would be a good idea to spray some rust-proof material on the fence. Better still these days you get fences with rust-proof finishes.
2) Take care of the edges of the fences. Dogs have a habit at nibbling at things if they are bored. Take care that the edges are blunted out and are not sharp. You could also put weather-proof tape around the edges to protect your dogs.
3) Ground the fence firmly. Sometimes in anxiety your dog is likely to rip or pull at some fastenings. Take care that all fastenings are firmly grounded.
4) To clean the kennel fence try not to use the material that could affect the galvanized material of the fence.

Finally, Rusty got his wish and so did Dufus. Now, while Rusty plays… Dufus keeps a good eye on him without getting hurt at all.