Dog Training Fence

A dog fence is used to keep dog from straying from the limits of your property. These fences often come in the form of underground fences and wireless fences that use audible warnings, correction stimulants or a combination of both to prevent your dog from crossing the pre-established boundary. Most systems require your dog to wear some type of receiver on their collar and require training of the dog to respect the boundary before the dog fence is effective and resistible. .

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Dog Fence Misconceptions:
There are many common misconceptions that are commonly held regarding the use of a dog fence. The most common fence is that the dogs cannot cross the boundary established by the dog fence. Although it is true that with proper training, dogs learn to respect the dog fence and it is very effective. The dog fence does not make it physically impossible for the dog to cross the barrier but it does reduce the chances that the dog will cross the barrier and destroy. One other very common misconception is that the all dog fences emit painful electronic pulses when the dog attempts to cross the boundary. This is also not very true. Some dog fences use an audible correction as the dog approaches the fence to serve as a reminder that the boundary should not be crossed. Other receivers vibrate or spray citronella as a reminder. Although some receivers used with dog fences due emit an electronic pulse, there are other types of dog fences available.

Training a Dog to Respect a Dog Fence:
One of the critical steps in installing a dog fence is to train the dog to respect the fence and not to cross. A dog fence can be very effective if the dog has been properly trained but without this necessary training the dog fence may not provide the protection that you expected for your dog because your dog may not learn to respect the boundaries of the dog fence. One way to train your dog to respect the boundary of the dog fence is to set up small flags along the boundary and walk the dog to the edge of the boundary. During the training period, the dogs should be kept on leash so that you can be in control of the situation and can prevent them from exiting the yard without you there to shake the flags and issue a correction.