How The Weather Can Affect Housebreaking

Be aware of the weather when taking your puppy to the potty area. If you get a puppy in winter, remember that it will be a little harder on you and your puppy. Dress warmly so you don’t lose your patience if the puppy takes longer to relieve herself.

If you bring your puppy in too soon because you are getting cold and uncomfortable, she may urinate once you bring her into the warmth of your house.

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In winter, it is also advisable for owners to put a wind-proof, doggie jacket on their puppies. This way they can stay warm and not have an aversion to being outdoors.

In the fall and spring, the earth is moist and the ground rich with odors. Your puppy will be distracted by the rich scents and she may take longer to relieve herself.

Rainy weather is also a challenge for pups. The rain may alarm them at first and distract them from the familiar scent in their potty area. Snow has the same affect. Be patient under these conditions.