Proper Security System Adds Value To The House

There are many security systems installed in houses, such as intelligent buildings or smart houses. With the increase of technology more and more security systems are coming into action.
These security systems ultimately increase the house value. Many companies are working on it, to develop new and sophisticated security system.

Types of the security systems of the present world:

There are many security system used to increase house value, we’ll see them one by one below:

1) Security camera systems:
A security camera system starts beeping and ring alarm, if it sees some suspicious intruders inside the house. These cameras can move automatically horizontally and vertically. It also stores pictures taken earlier.

2) Security alarm:
Security alarm starts ringing when security camera finds some suspicious intruders beneath the complex or some intruders do unauthorized access to any system inside house. Intruders may be thief, unofficial person, hackers, etc.

3) Fire Alarm:
It starts sprinting water whenever it finds some smokes inside building. At the same time it starts ringing the alarm. It also tells the exact location where fire erupted.

4) Emergency dialers:
It is the system, which stores emergency numbers up to 9. It contains voice tags, voice message, and speed dialing numbers, repeats emergency message up to 9 times, and automatically overrides the occupied line for emergency calls, soon.

5) Smart doors:
It contains small digital screen, which ask your identity if you want to enter into some confidential rooms. It checks person via eye retina, passwords, fingerprints, etc.

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6) Door/window Alert systems:
Door/window Alert system contains magnetic contact sensors system that will monitor system to identify users via audible and visual indicators and entry is allowed.

7) Touch pad lock systems:
Touch pad lock systems contains custom codes from 2 to 8 digits, which could change anytime. It has six codes of entry for different users. It is easy to install and requires no drilling and cabling.


Various embedded technologies are used to develop these security systems so that it would small, portable and easy to handle. Day by day many new security technologies are established. It makes your house more safe and secure against the unauthorized people that ultimately increases the house value up to much extend.